Sensor Systems

Impulse sensors systems are maintenance-free components used for measuring the rotation speed. In order to register the rotation speed a phonic wheel is mounted in front of the speed sensor. Our speed sensors can detect the changes in the magnetic field with high precision as they pass the tooth flank of the phonic wheel and can react accordingly.

The impulse sensor family IG 20 encompasses a wide variety of different speed sensors for contact less measuring of rotational and longitudinal movements.

The universal, entirely sealed and robust sensor housing can be used for different applications due to its standardized and consistent dimensions. An exchange of different types of the speed sensor family SWKP IG 20 is possible without mechanical adaptations. All established housing forms which are used in railway technology are as standards available.

The electric connector cable is additionally surrounded by a protection hose. The latter enables the use in extreme, mechanically vulnerable surroundings due to vibration, stone-chipping, snow or dust. Our speed sensors can be used in a very rough environment due to its robust construction with protection class IP 68.

The extended temperature range from -40° to +100°C in connection with a proofness to vibration and show of over 100g and EN 50 155 safeguards a disturbance-free application also in very rough surroundings.



Module [DIN 867]






max. gap to the phonic wheel

1,2 mm

1,4 mm

1,8 mm

2,3 mm

3,00 mm


The speed sensors dispose of a red LED to visualize the functionality of the sensors. It is a valuable support in commissioning and diagnostics. The logic state of the LED is always the same as the output of the first channel.


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