Wheel-Slide Protection System for Freight Cars AS 20 F

The wheel-slide protection systems AS 20 F for freight cars consist of an electronic device, dump valves, speed sensors and an axle generator.

The conceptual design of these components allows for their use in extreme environmental conditions. The operating temperature range of the device is between -40°C and +80°C.

Moreover, apart from vibration and shock proofness the wheel-slide protection system AS 20F fulfils all requirements of EN 50 155. In connection with the EMC test according to EN 50 121-3-2 this safeguards a disturbance-free application.

As an option, other specific functions are possible, such as e. g. the positioning of the vehicle via GPS by transmission of the relevant data to a control room via GSM.

The power supply of the system is safeguarded by the utilization of an axle generator in connection with back-up batteries. Furthermore, a power management system makes it possible to maintain the battery charge in the parked vehicle for sustained period of time.


A wheel-slide protection systems consists of the following components:

  • wheel-slide protection electronic     AS 20 F
  • speed sensor
  • dump valve
  • pressure switch
  • phonic wheel
  • axle generator
  • system components