Wheel-Slide Protection System as Compact Version AS 20 C

AS 20 C – Standard Electronic Unit

The compact version of the wheel-slide protection system was especially designed for the installation in the vehicle body with limited space.

The wheel-slide protection device AS 20 C is delivered in a compact metal housing. This box provides an excellent HF immunity and high resistance to shock and vibration.

The connection to the vehicle cabling is realized via four connectors on the bottom side of the housing. An additional plug connection on the bottom side of the housing serves the connection of the wheel-slide protection system with a CAN bus or RS485 bus for exchange of data.  Furthermore a USB interface for system diagnosis via PC is available.


AS 20 C – small-sized Electronic Unit

This KES AS 20 C electronic unit is the little brother of AS 20 C standard version and is based on the proven-technology. It is a small-sized unit weighing only 2.0kg.

Housed in a metal case, it provides a very cost effective compact solution for clearly defined WSP tasks and their functional securities for the selective control of up to 4 axes.

The connection between the vehicle and the electronic unit is simple and realized easily using only one plug connection on the bottom side.
A USB interface allows the PC access for maintenance, service and system diagnostics.
An optional RS-485 interface for connection to a vehicle bus is available.

This KES AS 20 C electronic unit is equipped with:

  • 4 Speed sensor inputs
  • 4 Sensor power supplies
  • 4 Software and hardware monitored dump valve outputs
  • 3 potential-free relay outputs
  • 1 Optocoupler input reserved for WSP switch on signal such as HL pressure switch signal
  • 2 free usable optocoupler inputs


A wheel-slide protection systems consists of the following components:

  • wheel-slide protection electronic AS 20 C
  • speed sensor
  • dump valve
  • pressure switch
  • phonic wheel
  • system components