ep brake control and emergency brake override system for passenger coaches according to UIC and DB procedures

The vehicle control device of the ep brake control and passenger emergency brake override system is the counter piece of the control device in the locomotive or control car and motor car.

In contrast to these, the vehicle control device has a bimodal design and can be used in trains which have a control according to UIC bulletin 541-5 or according to System DB. The latter uses a control lead according to UIC 558.

The vehicle control is designed for an automatic detection of the respective operational mode, i. e. UIC system or System DB.

Furthermore, the emergency brake override function is upgraded by an emergency brake request function (NBA). An activated passenger emergency brake is signalled to the driver via the respective, active system and a possible override command is detected.

The supply voltage range is 24V or 36V +/- 30%. It is potential-free.

Apart from the control of the passenger emergency brake, the vehicle control unit fulfils all requirements which are also fulfilled by the ep brake control of both systems. The commands are detected on the corresponding bus lines in the trains and the required dump valves in the vehicle are directly activated.

The device has, apart from its various potential-free digital inputs and the interfaces of the system for emergency brake override, six short-circuit-proof semiconductor outputs which control the following: EP release valve, EP brake valve, emergency brake override valve, fault indications, further indicator lights and audio warning devices.