Driver brake valve

Driver brake valve system for application in motor vehicles and vehicles for local transport including the required electronic and pneumatic components.

The system mainly consists of the following functional units, as well as some peripheral components:

  1. Electric manipulator
  2. Push-button filling stroke (optional)
  3. Switch for entire pneumatic control (backup system)
  4. Pneumatic manipulator
  5. Pneumatic control unit with valves and sensors
  6. Electronic control
  7. Emergency brake valve

The entire system of the driver brake valve system has a redundant design.

It includes an electronic control which makes available the required functions in a comfortable manner and with an increased degree of safety and an entire diagnostic functionality

Moreover, an entirely pneumatic control (a so-called backup system) which provides for the increased requirements to safety and reliability of the system is available at the same time.

The backup system can take over all control functions of the brake of the train, although with lower ease of use.

The switchover from the electric driver brake valve system to the pneumatic backup system is entirely carried out by the driver applying a switch.

An additional emergency brake valve is integrated as third independent level outside the control.

The latter is controlled by an electric manipulator and results in emergency braking by means of a complete exhaust of the brake pipe.

With regard to its functionality the complete system is principally based on the requirements of UIC 541-03. This also applies for the functionality of the filling stroke or of the rectifier.

If the system is applied in a motor car, it is possible to renounce to some of the „optional“ functions depending on the individual application.

An application of the driver brake valve system without brake pipe control as it is nowadays used in motor cars is not envisaged in the described type of system.


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