System Components

Phonic wheels

Phonic wheels are used for capturing the rotation speed and direction of rotation and are used for applications in motor vehicles, passenger coaches and freight cars.

KES GmbH & Co. KG constructs and delivers phonic wheels in connection with the axle box and axle-end cover. They are produced for the reference profile in various modules and according to the corresponding DIN norm 867. Construction and production are specifically adapted to the respective requirements.

Customized constructions of phonic wheels in connection with the axle box and the axle-end cover are possible.

Axle-end covers

For bogies with outer bearing the axle-end covers serve the protection of the axle box from dirt and especially from humidity.

The concrete design of such a cover depends on the individual construction of the bogie type used.

Based on the specific requirements of various axle constructions, KES GmbH& Co. KG is able to construct and produce all types of axle-end covers required.

The construction and production of the axle-end cover could also be realized in combination with our speed sensors and phonic wheels.

In order to monitor the gap between the phonic wheel and the speed sensor, if requested, the axle-end cover could be constructed with a spy hole which avoids disassembly for checking.

Individual customized designs are also possible.

Junction boxes

Junction boxes are installed in the car body or on the bogie for vehicle wiring.

As they are mounted outside the vehicle, junction boxes have to withstand extreme strain and fulfil high requirements with regard to electro-mechanical and electric components. Therefore, they are designed as stable and passivated  housings with saltwater-proof finish and high-quality cable fittings. They fulfil the requirements of protection class IP 65. Junction boxes can be designed individually according to the customer’s requirements.


Our cables are installed on the bogie or in the vehicle body in connection with the wiring of our systems. They simplify the connection of system components, e. g. of speed sensors, dump valves and electric controls.

KES GmbH & Co. KG offers the delivery of standardized, ready-made cables or ready-made cables with the cable length adapted to the system requirements.

The advantage is that a simple, clear and safe connection of the components is thus possible. Faulty wiring is avoided and the time involved in wiring is considerably reduced.

SK 300 System cable

Line for power supply, switch-on post and field bus system

PK 300 Peripheral cable

Line for wiring of valves and sensors


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