A successful positioning of the company in the market depends on the economic acceptance of its systems and products, high safety and quality standards and on a high level of customer satisfaction.

Again customer satisfaction depends on various factors.

Among other things, such factors are the competence to offer the suitable solutions for a great variety of different customer specifications, the development of innovative systems and products, the flexibility to deal with modified customer requirements, high reliability and safety of the systems and products and last but not least
on-time delivery.

The combination of all these factors largely determines the quality of the systems and products delivered by KES GmbH & Co. KG and leads to high customer satisfaction.

In general, quality is considered a significant value of the company and forms the basis for daily work. At the same time its high value is reflected in the quality-oriented handling and process instructions in all sectors.

Therefore, a supplementary optical control of all electronic components, a functional test in the climate chamber to detect early failures of electronic systems and a full-scale functional test of all our systems and products is carried out in addition to the quality tests conditional of manufacturing.

The systems and products may only be delivered to our customers after the positive completion of these controls and tests.


Certificate ISO 9001: 2008

ISO 9001: 2008

You can download the valid ISO9001:2008 certificate in the download area