Specific Sensor Designs

Safety impulse sensor with voltage output and middle voltage

The sensor consists of a single channel electronic with a protective device and an LED which visualizes the functionality of the sensor.

The protective device monitors the functionality of the sensor as far as a mechanical defect in the surface of the sensor head is concerned.
In case of damage to the surface of the sensor head by a toothed wheel (phonic wheel) or a toothed bar, the protective mechanism of the sensor shuts down so that no faulty rotation speed information can be transmitted to the connected devices.  

In standstill the output voltage of the active safety speed sensor is approximately half of the supply voltage. If a phonic wheel or a toothed bar runs in front of the sensor head, a rectangular signal is generated at the output. Its frequency is proportional to the rotation and linear speed.

The supply voltage is 15V ±15%.
The amplitude of the output signal is identical to the supply voltage less 2.0V for high level and <=2.0V for low level.

The gap between the safety speed sensor and the phonic wheel depends on the module of the phonic wheel and is 2.5 mm in the case of module 2.