Emergency brake override system (NBÜ) for motor vehicles

If the emergency brake is activated, the present emergency brake override system detects and signals it to the driver.

The system offers the driver the option to accept the request and to initiate emergency braking or to override the request for emergency braking.

The emergency brake request signal can either be processed directly in the vehicle control depending on the application, or it can be processed by an independent system with additional diagnosis function.

Moreover, the processes in the system and the signalling pathways can be adapted to the driving condition of the motor vehicle depending on the individual application.

The supply voltage is 24V +/- 30%.

An activated passenger emergency brake and internal failures are signalled via a relay and LEDs. Moreover, the existing unit disposes of self-diagnosis, LED status displays as well as additional hardware functions. It has been tested according to EN 50 155 and EN 50 121-3-2.