Hybrid Brake System EDS 300

The hybrid brake system EDS 300 combines an electronic brake control with a pneumatic brake control as back-up system and a UIC brake in one device.

This system can take over the control of braking and wheel-slide protection functions depending on the application in the vehicle.

The electronic distributor valve approved by UIC which is part of the brake control is based on the requirements of the corresponding UIC bulletins.

Predominantly the electronic brake control is applied to control the brake cylinder pressure. Thus, the function of a distributor valve is electronically reproduced. In order to increase safety a pneumatic distributor valve as back up system is integrated in the system.

Depending on the application, e.g. in case of the UIC brake the brake pipe pressure is monitored. In case of a brake demand by the driver on the brake pipe the required brake cylinder pressure is calculated taking into account the basic conditions in the vehicle and is set via the connected analogue converter.

The hybrid brake system EDS 300 can be used both for vehicles with brake pipe and for motor vehicles.

In this case electrical signals are used for brake control.

The hybrid brake system is able to control the vehicle with UIC characteristic or with motor vehicle characteristics at any stage by setting the corresponding parameters.

The pneumatic back-up system is a self-sustaining unit within the hybrid brake system EDS 300.

The core of the functional unit is a graduate-release back-up distributor valves which fulfils the requirements according to UIC bulletin 540. It creates the control pressure for the activation of the brake cylinder via the prevailing brake pipe pressure and the normal operation pressure. This back-up distributor valve is generally enabled.

The setting of the brake cylinder pressure by the electronic distributor valve is only enabled by an active access of the electronic distributor valve to the switchover.

In case of no current or a prevailing failure, the pneumatic back-up distributor valve is always activated.

This safeguards that the vehicle is always able for braking.


Area of Application

EDS 300 for motor car system

EDS 300 for passenger cars

EDS 300 for freight cars




  • Simple adaptation to the operating conditions by parameterization
  • Integration in UIC brake systems


  • Installation of the pneumatic and electronic component in one box
  • Modular structure and minor installation space


  • High system availability
  • Use of proven and tested components with regard to the latest EU norms
  • Long-standing experience in the application of the components which have been in operation in thousands of systems with the same technology
  • Extended laboratory tests for the validation of the system availability


  • Fallback level by means of a pneumatic back-up system of the distributor valve
  • No disruption in operation by breakdown of the electronic
  • Simple exchange of the device (plug & play) safeguards high vehicle availability


  • Reduction of costs in design, installation and approval process by modular structure and minor installation place
  • Simple maintenance by clear arrangement and easy access of the components
  • Use of standardized components reduce storage costs

Service friendly

  • Simple exchange of modules
  • Diagnostic unit with interfaces CAN open, MVB, Ethernet
  • Extended diagnostics and data logger to support failure analysis


Hybrid compact brake system with UIC approved electronic and pneumatic distributor valve

Driving brake (direct and indirect)

Functionality according to UIC bulletin 540, UIC bulletin 541-4 and UIC bulletin 541-5

Automatic and two-stage load controlled braking or kink valve function for freight cars adequate for S-traffic or SS-traffic

Parameters easy to set via interface RS485, CAN, MVB or Ethernet

Various control modes possible with one device

Integrated UIC ep valve function

Activation of:

  • magnetic track brake, parking brake
  • door control, sanding

Wheel-slide and wheel-spin control functions

Power management / power supply for freight cars

Optional remote diagnostics and telemetry (GPS/GSM)

Safety, Operational an Environmental Conditions

System development and proof of functional safety according to EN 50 129

Safety level SIL 3 with SSAS2 according to EN 50 128

Pneumatic back-up system, redundant safety circuits, constant self control

Complete type test according to EN 50 155

RAMS - EN 50 126

Protection class IP 65


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