Wheel-Slide Protection System as 19“ Rack Version AS 20 R

The wheel-slide protection device AS 20 R is delivered in a 19“ metal housing. This housing provides an excellent HF immunity and high resistance to shock and vibration.

By its modular design in a 19“ rack the device is flexible and can be extended and adapted to the system surroundings or coupled to an additional rack.

Five connectors on the front side enable the connection to the vehicle cabling.

A USB connection serves the temporary connection of the wheel-slide protection system with a computer for system diagnosis. Furthermore, a CAN and RS485 interface is available via a 9-pole SUB-D connector.


A wheel-slide protection systems consists of the following components:

  • wheel-slide protection electronic AS 20 R
  • speed sensor
  • dump valve pressure switch
  • phonic wheel
  • system components