Door Control System DC 20

Function / Area of Application

A door control system is a safety-relevant system. In order to safeguard its function, intelligent and reliable devices are required.

Based on its long-standing experience in the application of microelectronic devices in railed vehicles, KES GmbH & Co. KG has developed such an electronic door control system.

The door control system DC 20 was designed as a control for doors with pneumatic and electrical control for opening and closing of doors.

The door control system can be applied in motor vehicles such as EMUs and DMUs, for passenger coaches, but also for trams.


Characteristics / Advantages

Apart from the normal door control function, the door control system DC 20 can enable the communication with the central vehicle control via a bus system (RS485 or CAN) as an option.

The device has digital inputs and outputs for the receipt of door control commands.

All inputs and outputs are designed short-circuit-proof.

Upon signal receipt and their interpretation, the relevant outputs are activated. In turn the plausibility of these signals is monitored by monitoring signals.

The door control system contains functions for safe and improved diagnostics.

All internal and external components are permanently tested during self test. In case of an error, a warning signal is generated.

The system disposes of a 4-digit status display which visualizes the diagnostic information by means of a cipher code. As an option this data can also be transmitted to a PC via the service interface.

An integrated data logger serves to register errors which can be recalled via the diagnostic interface.

The system has additional internal safety functions. The semiconductor outputs of the microprocessor are monitored and in addition the system comprises independent safety circuits.

The device fulfils the requirements of electromagnetic compatibility according to EN 50 121-2-3 and is vibration and shock proof according to EN 50 155.

The door control system is designed as a stand-alone unit and thus enables simple mounting. This is especially important for retrofits.

The functional design is generally carried out in accordance with customer specifications.


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