Innovation & Technical Competence

Our products and systems are developed in our R & D department based on the approved rules of technique and standards.

The application of our products in safety-relevant systems requires a systematic approach and the observation of specific design standards during development. This is achieved by the application of EN 50 129 which is not only used in the development process, but is applicable for all steps from ideas management, development, operation of the product to its environmentally sound disposal.

Thus this standard is relevant for the entire life cycle of the product!

The functionality and safety are not the only tasks to be fulfilled during the development of modern systems.

The increase in energy efficiency or the standardization of a product which contributes to the cost-effectiveness of a product in operation is also in the centre of interest.

The same applies for the application of the products under various climatic conditions. These are tasks which we are facing with each development, in order to design products with new ideas and new technologies for a globalized world.

A major part of our systems do not only consist of hardware components, but also include software components. This is another field in which increased demands for the application in safety-relevant surroundings are to be considered during development. A systematic software development according to the requirements of EN 50 128 with various milestones and internal verification steps form the basis of a reliable development result.

Our engineers dispose of various state-of-the-art tools for development, documentation and testing which enable a software development for safety-relevant applications up to the highest software integrity level SSAS 4.

The development of systems which are getting more and more complex requires a high level of performance in the field of mechanical construction apart from a highly productive hardware and software development.

A number of state-of-the-art CAD development stations enable the completion of mechanical development tasks. The increase in efficiency and the minimization of failures in the process is safeguarded by the application of 3D CAD systems.

We make sure that development in all sectors is always carried out on the latest state of technology by constant training in this field.