Emergency brake override system (NBÜ) for locomotives and control cars according to System DB

Generally the detection of an activated emergency brake is based on a resistance measurement. The present electronic board for passenger emergency brake override (NBÜ) generates the required measuring signal of approximately 1000Hz constantly coupled on wires 9 and 10 of the control lead (according to UIC 558) and monitors the current flow on the conductor loop.

In case that the passenger emergency brake is pulled in one of the coaches, an activated passenger emergency brake is signalled to the driver until the signal is cancelled.

The supply voltage is 24V +/- 30%.

The electronic board is designed in Europe-format and can be mounted in a 3HU rack.
A 48 pole basic connector size F in accordance with DIN 41612/IEC60603-2 enables the connection to the vehicle wiring.

The device has, apart from its various potential-free digital inputs and the interfaces of the system for emergency brake override, six short-circuit-proof semiconductor outputs which control the following: EP release valve, EP brake valve, emergency brake override valve, fault indications, further indicator lights and audio warning devices.