Axle Generator

The axle generator with integrated speed sensor GE 20 serves the independent power supply of electric systems in railed vehicles which have no individual voltage supply.

The generator can also be used for the contactless measurement of axle speeds in combination with a wheel-slide protection system. Thus, the requirement for speed sensors and phonic wheels is reduced.

The device is designed as a mechanically stable unit with an integrated electronic with the high protection class IP 68. Therefore, the device is suitable for the application in a very rough, humid and highly polluted environment.

The outputs of the device are short-circuit-proof and generate a constant DC voltage of 17V or 29V depending on the type of device. The maximum current output is 4.0A or 3.0A. The maximum rotation of the generator is 1200 l/min.

The axle generator can is suitable for a temperature range between -40°C and +80°C.

The vibration and shock proofness is more than 100g according to EN 50 155.

The EMC and interference resistance according to EN 51 121-3-2 safeguard a disturbance-fee application.

A rectangular output signal commensurate with the present speed is generated. As an option, an additional direction signal can be generated


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