Business Objective

KES GmbH & Co. KG

The company has long-standing experience in the field of development and production of micro-electronic controls and components for railed vehicles.

Our strength lies in the development and production of market-driven systems and products and their adaptation to the customer’s specific applications.

We attach utmost importance to the satisfaction of our customers.

This is achieved by our innovative products and their high quality standards, the competence and creativity of the company and the flexibility with which we deal with our customers’ requirements.

Company History

The company was founded in January 1996 in Hanover by the Managing Director, Mr. Mahmud Keschwari Rasti jointly with SAB WABCO.

The long-standing experience of the company is based on the development of systems and components for railway industry, which were gathered at the company MRP (Mannesmann Rexroth Pneumatik).

Already one year after the foundation of the company, the wheel-slide protection system AS 20R was developed and approved by UIC for the application in railed vehicles in 1997.

The company has shown a positive development over the years and has made its mark in railway industry by the development and production of innovative, electronic systems such as the wheel-slide protection family AS 20 combined with the corresponding system components, pneumatic valves and sensors.

In March 2007 KES GmbH & Co.KG took over the shares of the former SAB WABCO from its partner Faiveley Transport.

The constant product innovation in the company led to the development of the hybrid brake system EDS 300.

In 2011 its electronic and pneumatic distributor valve was approved by UIC for field testing.

Today the company is able to offer the complete brake systems for railed vehicles.

Till today several thousands of systems from our range of products have been installed in railed vehicles and work reliably until today.