WSP Systems AS 20

Wheel-Slide Protection System as 19“ Rack Version AS 20R
Wheel-Slide Protection System as Compact Version AS 20C
Wheel-Slide Protection System for Freight Cars AS 20F
Wheel-Slide Protection System with Monitoring Function ASM 20

Train operators are fully aware of the problems resulting from insufficient wheel/rail adhesion when a train is accelerating or braking. During a constant braking force application, dependent upon the coefficient of friction available at the wheel/rail interface, the wheel sets could start to slide.

Based on long experience of rolling stock micro electronic systems, KES GmbH & Co. KG developed appropriate solutions to the problem at the same time eliminating the drawbacks of the system existing in the market.

The wheel-slide protection electronic is able to make optimum use of available adhesion when braking, thereby optimizing the stopping distances and reliably preventing locked wheel sets (wheel flats!).

Moreover, further advantages can be reached by additional functions (e. g. wheel-skid function) and by improved diagnostics. The latter increases its cost-effectiveness in the maintenance sector.

Various devices are available in the wheel-slide protection family AS 20:

  • 19“ rack version                                 AS 20R
  • compact version                                AS 20C
  • version for freight cars                        AS 20F
  • including monitoring functions             ASM 20 (UIC approval for up to 400km/h)

The wheel-slide protections systems are applied in traction units, passenger coaches and freight cars.

General Advantages of the Wheel-Slide Protection Family AS 20

  • One device for different vehicle voltages
  • One type of dump valve for a standard voltage of 24V
  • Data logger integrated and secured against voltage breakdown
  • Attribution of speed sensor to dump valve without auxiliary means
  • Safety circuit for the dump valve
  • Vibration and shock test according to EN 50 155 passed, EMC test - EN 50 121-3-2
  • Potential-free inputs and outputs (monitored by microprocessor)
  • Variety of optional function in the field of vehicle control

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